Robot Solution


An Automated Order Fulfillment Solution

Designed specifically for e-commerce, grocery, retail and logistics environments, SuperPick combines the power of patented Soft Robotics technology with artificial intelligence to enable the automation of highly unstructured tasks like bin picking, sorting and goods to robot fulfillment.


Capable to pick up various products that require different weights and materials, different shapes, and accuracy

The gripper hand made of high quality material patented in the United States, has a heat resistance of -10 °C to 65 °C and can pick up regardless of the weight, material and shape of the goods. The material used for the gripper hand was developed independently by the Harvard University's material science invention, applying the most advanced science.

Fewer picking errors, resulting in more efficient operations

By predicting the balance, shape, and weight of the product, accurate and speedy pickup that reproduces human hands becomes possible.

Achieve to improve productivity by autonomously storing and learning information such as the shape of objects and how to grasp them

Designed to minimize human intervention and input information in advance, SuperPick sytem autonomously stores, optimizes and learns the information necessary to pick up a product. This system will improve the overall productivity of the picking operation.


  • E-commerce
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Food and Beverage Distribution