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Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics designs and builds soft robotic automation systems that can grasp and manipulate items with human hand-like dexterity. Leveraging patented material science and air actuation, the revolutionary gripping system conforms to an object and picks it with no sensors, complex vision or numerical computation.

Soft Robotics

Soft Robotics Characteristics

The patented and proven Soft Robotics technology is enabling robotic automation of highly variable processes. This variation can come from the ever increasing SKU count of retail, the high mix of consumer goods manufacturing or the natural item variation found in the food industry.

With Soft Robotics, you can confidently bring automation to high SKU processing, packaging and supply chain applications.

Human Hand-like Dexterity

Designed to mimic the human hand to grasp and manipulate items that vary in size, shape, and weight.

Smart Materials

Novel approach solves problem through material science, not through higher levels of cost and complexity.

Plug and Play

Turnkey solution that unlocks the transformational benefits of automation for all markets.



Designed specifically for e-commerce, grocery, retail and logistics environments, SuperPick combines the power of patented Soft Robotics technology with artificial intelligence to enable the automation of highly unstructured tasks like bin picking, sorting and goods to robot fulfillment.



Developed with our award winning technology, mGrip brings infinite robotic grasping solutions to picking challenges that couldn’t previously be automated.