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Dynamic Allocation System - DyAS®

Logistics Cash-Flow optimizing software

DyAS helps create field environments where operation is possible even without an experienced manager present by transforming what are conventionally personal management tasks into explicit knowledge. In addition, by developing a quantitative understanding of field operations that are sensory-based and primarily rely on experience, intuition and guts, even in recent e-commerce supply chains with a host of uncertain elements, everyone will be on the same page, from stakeholders and the managers at each site to their staff. This helps minimize unreasonableness and waste while speeding up the decision-making process and improving business quality.

Dynamic Allocation System (DyAS) Dynamic Allocation System (DyAS)
For optimizing inventory quantity, DyAS controls order volume and its cycle

For optimizing inventory quantity, DyAS controls order volume and its cycle. DyAS also suggests its adequate inventory placement.

Improve both lead time and throughput

Improve both lead time and throughput.

DyAS optimizes inventory quantity and placement among multiple bases

DyAS optimizes inventory quantity and placement among multiple bases. DyAS also realizes transportation with optimal loading efficiency.

By continuous productivity and appropriate evaluation

By continuous productivity and appropriate evaluation, DyAS carries out optimum allocation of work resources.

Scientific approach which DyAS promotes, brings dramatic improve productivity by speeding up PDCA cycle. While demand is being more complexed, DyAS reduces delivery variable costs as well as maintaining your service level and helps you create logistics plan to meet the required throughput.


Module of DyAS

Dynamic Inventory Allocator<sup>®</sup> (DIA)

Dynamic Inventory Allocator®(DIA)

Inventory optimization module

Shipping lead times and warehouse labor expenses are on the rise because of the increase in urgent spot hiring of non-permanent workers due to chronic labor shortages. To alleviate these adverse factors, this module performs simulations on warehouse layout locations and timing of changes to optimize site efficiency on a per-square-meter basis, and then recommends an optimum solution.

Dynamic Resource Allocator<sup>®</sup>(DRA)

Dynamic Resource Allocator®(DRA)

Resource optimization module

This module moves away from conventional approach of securing general personnel by relying on urgent outsourcing efforts. Instead, the amount of work to be performed is calculated based on predicted logistics volume for fluctuating logistics caused by increasingly complex demand swings and then suggests the optimum allocation of resources to properly carry out the work.

Dynamic Location Allocator (DLA)

Dynamic Location Allocator (DLA)

Multi-sites inventory optimization module

Tackling the issues of warehouse capacity shortages due to an increase in the number of SKUs handled due to business expansion, and increased delivery costs due to higher delivery unit prices, this module considers factors such as quantity, fluctuation and timing in how customers (or a company's own stores) are distributed, runs simulations aimed at operating at minimal costs, and suggests optimum solutions.

Intelligent EYE (IE)

Intelligent EYE (IE)

Business Dashboard

By displaying the status of the supply chain with parameters tailored to each related stakeholder in an easily understood format, delays and other trouble can be detected and shared and measures can be taken promptly, enabling the management of planned and actual results in the ever-changing supply chain.