Robot Solution

PEER(Autonomous Mobile Robot)

AMR is an autonomous robot that performs working support while collaborating with staff in the "picking" process of warehouse work.
Simple and easy to operate even for beginners, and no comlexed training is required for the staff. Robots carries the product picked by the staff, so the number of steps of the staff can be dramatically reduced and work productivity is improved. In addition, since large-scale construction is not required to implement robots, it allows you to be ready for operation in a short period of time, and there is no downtime for existing operations.


5 Advantages

Simple operation

Allows anyone to operate immediately as no need for extensive training.
Simple operation, no need for extensive training, anyone can operate immediately.

Operation ready

Allows to start operating short as large-scale construction unnecessary.

Flexible installation

Allows to adjust the number of installed robots along the distribution wave and even to move to another warehouses.

Improve work environment

Allows work environment improved by eliminating the need for the staff to walk around the warehouse.

Reduce hiring cost

Allows to reduce cost regarding hiring.