From robots specializing in cutting-edge logistics even by world standards to AI software utilizing proprietary algorithms,
we offer a range of solutions to boost work productivity inside distribution facilities.

ROBOT SOLUTION - AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) 型ロボット
Robot Solution

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) Robots

AMR is an autonomous robot that performs working support while collaborating with staff in the "picking" process of warehouse work.
Simple and easy to operate even for beginners, and no comlexed training is required for the staff. Robots carries the product picked by the staff, so the number of steps of the staff can be dramatically reduced and work productivity is improved. In addition, since large-scale construction is not required to implement robots, it allows you to be ready for operation in a short period of time, and there is no downtime for existing operations.

ROBOT SOLUTION - Gripper 型ロボット
Robot Solution

Gripper Robots

Soft Robotics designs and builds soft robotic automation systems that can grasp and manipulate items with human hand-like dexterity. Leveraging patented material science and air actuation, the revolutionary gripping system conforms to an object and picks it with no sensors, complex vision or numerical computation.

Robot Solution

GTP (Goods to Person) Robots


Butler Robots bring inventory stored in racks to the operator. With the throughput of up to 600 picks per hour per picker, the system improves productivity by 8-10 times.

SOFTWARE SOLUTION - Dynamic Allocation System (DyAS)
AI Solution

Dynamic Allocation System - DyAS®

DyAS helps create field environments where operation is possible even without an experienced manager present by transforming what are conventionally personal management tasks into explicit knowledge. In addition, by developing a quantitative understanding of field operations that are sensory-based and primarily rely on experience, intuition and guts, even in recent e-commerce supply chains with a host of uncertain elements, everyone will be on the same page, from stakeholders and the managers at each site to their staff. This helps minimize unreasonableness and waste while speeding up the decision-making process and improving business quality.