Out of the Box

We believe we can change the world by adopting out-of-the-box thinking.
The way to do that is to assemble the latest technologies as well as knowledge from completely different industries,
and apply them to the logistics industry.
We will tackle the old-fashioned approach of existing experience, intuition and human resources by organizing
all manner of information related to physical things and producing insight that can translate into action.

Core Competences Core Competences

Intelligent Logistics®

Intelligent Logistics® is the corporate slogan GROUND advocates and promotes to its stakeholders. This is our approach to leveraging cutting-edge solutions and technologies from around the world to continually create new value for the logistics and e-commerce industries.
Intelligent Logistics® can only be achieved through the core competencies that rest on the know-how and expertise of GROUND personnel. With the three core competencies of hardware including robots, software utilizing AI and other cutting-edge technologies and the optimization of logistics operations, GROUND will lead the field of logistics technology (LogiTech®) to change the world of distribution.

On the GROUND. Off the GROUND.

On the GROUND.
Off the GROUND.

We are firmly committed to the hands-on approach, and to changing the world from one filled with the current "prices" and "time" to one filled with "value" that cannot be expressed in numbers.

Corporate Values


Being the GROUND of all existence means enduring as the groundwork for an array of values. Therefore, we call the values shared by all GROUND employees as GROUND SEEDS. As these seeds sprout, grow into tall trees and eventually form a lush forest, we gather individual thoughts and viewpoints every day, help each other and make this GROUND more fertile and extensive.

1. We look after one another

What is normal to you is not necessarily normal to everyone else.
Accept different values and respect differences in your own behavior. In a multicultural organization, different opinions should be welcome as diverse perspectives. Positive discussions arising from differences lead to deeper mutual understanding and produce better solutions.
It is the individuality of each one of you forming the future GROUND team.

2. We commit to details

In whatever you do, it is the accumulation of small steps that enable you to achieve great things.
What you are not working on at the moment will not be achieved tomorrow. And you need a wisdom of crowds along with the power of individuals, to achieve something great. To maximize the power of the team, you should look at things from different angles and make them simple. This enables all members of the team to achieve the same result.
If, by repeating the above, you discover a new result, that result is an innovation.

3. We open up the ground

It is your own personal growth that makes the world better.
The world continues to evolve in ways that are unknown to us. Keep watching for the evolution and proactively incorporate it into your own growth. Your interest and concern shape GROUND more like GROUND and help the world move forward.
Surprise the world with your growth.


Global Partnership

Borderless Partners

At GROUND, we are striving to expand partnerships from a global perspective to realize our corporate slogan: Intelligent Logistics®.
We are seeking two types of partners: conventional business partners to support business expansion, along with technology partners with whom we can pursue advanced activities utilizing technologies in the field of logistics.



Company Profile

Company Name


Head Office

the SOHO 3F, 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064

President Name

Hiratomo Miyata


April 10, 2015


¥1 Billion (August, 2019)



Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Hiratomo Miyata

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Atsushi Nara

Board of Director

Koichi Inaba

ex-Board member, Okamura Corporation

Board of Director & Chief Technology Officer

Takatsugu Kobayashi

Outside Director

Hideki Yarimizu

Managing Director, INCJ,Ltd

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Akio Kobayashi

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Shinichiro Kato

Executive Director, The Japan Third Party Logistics Association
ex-President, TOYO KANETSU K.K.

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Norifumi Tsuruma

President, Tsuruma Countinghouse


Nobuyuki Idei

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Quantum Leaps Corporation
ex-Chairman, Sony Corporation