Corporate Values


Being the GROUND of all existence means enduring as the groundwork for an array of values. Therefore, we call the values shared by all GROUND employees as GROUND SEEDS. As these seeds sprout, grow into tall trees and eventually form a lush forest, we gather individual thoughts and viewpoints every day, help each other and make this GROUND more fertile and extensive.

1. We look after one another

What is normal to you is not necessarily normal to everyone else.
Accept different values and respect differences in your own behavior. In a multicultural organization, different opinions should be welcome as diverse perspectives. Positive discussions arising from differences lead to deeper mutual understanding and produce better solutions.
It is the individuality of each one of you forming the future GROUND team.

2. We commit to details

In whatever you do, it is the accumulation of small steps that enable you to achieve great things.
What you are not working on at the moment will not be achieved tomorrow. And you need a wisdom of crowds along with the power of individuals, to achieve something great. To maximize the power of the team, you should look at things from different angles and make them simple. This enables all members of the team to achieve the same result.
If, by repeating the above, you discover a new result, that result is an innovation.

3. We open up the ground

It is your own personal growth that makes the world better.
The world continues to evolve in ways that are unknown to us. Keep watching for the evolution and proactively incorporate it into your own growth. Your interest and concern shape GROUND more like GROUND and help the world move forward.
Surprise the world with your growth.




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