On the GROUND.
Off the GROUND.

We are firmly committed to the hands-on approach, and to changing the world from one filled with the current "prices" and "time" to one filled with "value" that cannot be expressed in numbers.

Value Proposition

GROUND is a group of experienced staff dedicated to empowering logistics organizations with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics so that they can promptly adapt to volatile and unpredicted customer demands.



Company NameGROUND Inc.

Head Officethe SOHO 3F, 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0064

President NameHiratomo Miyata

EstablishmentApril 10, 2015




Co-founder & Chief Executive OfficerHiratomo Miyata

Co-founder & Chief Operating OfficerAtsushi Nara

Board of DirectorKoichi Inabaex-Board member, Okamura Corporation

Outside DirectorNalin AdvaniChief Executive Officer, APAC, Grey Orange Pte Ltd

Outside DirectorAkash GuptaCTO & Co-founder, Grey Orange Pte Ltd

Audit & Supervisory Board MemberNorito Higuchiex-COO, Inc.
ex-President, Water Direct Corporation

Audit & Supervisory Board MemberShinichiro KatoExecutive Director, The Japan Third Party Logistics Association
ex-President, TOYO KANETSU K.K.

Audit & Supervisory Board MemberNorifumi TsurumaPresident, Tsuruma Countinghouse

 Takatsugu Kobayashi, Ph.D.General Manager, Product Development
Chief Digital Officer
Head of Global Innovation

AdvisorNobuyuki IdeiFounder & Chief Executive Officer, Quantum Leaps Corporation
ex-Chairman, Sony Corporation