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Solution Consulting

Solution partner for logistics facilities and related areas

In solution consulting, GROUND taps its core competency in applying next-generation technologies to logistics for insight into the management issues confronting your company and identifies solutions to logistics challenges.

SOLUTION - How GROUND sees your problems

How GROUND sees your problems

Diversifying demand, rising customer service expectations, economic globalization and demographic changes…all mean that the level of service expected in logistics and supply chain is continually increasing. At the same time, pressure to minimize costs is constant, creating an ever more challenging management environment. Conventional management techniques tailored to individual handling are approaching their limits.

GROUND’s Solution Consulting Team targets these issues. Going beyond conventional upstream approaches, we take a fresh look at logistics at the warehouse to achieve flexible and efficient operations that are built to withstand these constant changes.

Our solutions

We offer total support spanning strategy formulation and requirements definitions applied to the logistics operation practically for advanced technologies through to design, installation and the establishment of management processes.

Strategy: Strategy design and concept building

We analyze the business strategies and issues of your company, develop visions and specific reform themes, and help you design appropriate supply chain and logistics strategies.

Organization: Requirement definitions

Devising new business models that enable your company to execute their supply chain and logistics strategies, we help them define the requirements of their new business solutions.

Overall design: Operational design and KPI setting

Armed with insight into the logistics characteristics of your company and deploying optimum operational design and KPI settings, we help develop and execute realistic operations based on an ongoing PDCA cycle.

Selection: Choosing the right solutions

Without relying on specific vendors, we help coordinate and select solutions that include the robots, equipment and software that meet the customer’s requirements.

Management: Project management

For projects targeting the adoption of highly complex next-generation technologies, we provide management from project launch through to final completion to ensure project success.