R&D Facility Specialized in the Logistics and Distribution Industry

With the dwindling birthrate and aging population accelerating, and with e-commerce growing as social infrastructure in step with IT development, the logistics and distribution industry needs to response to the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of consumers in a speedy fashion. Moreover, increased distribution between companies, chronic labor shortages and the increasing sophistication of logistics operations are serious issues faced by the entire industry.

At the playGROUND R&D center, we perform demonstration testing on the revolutionary robotics that will assist with these challenges facing the logistics and distribution industries, as well as pursuing research and development into how they figure in to logistics operations, all in an effort to achieve early commercialization and optimization. We also strive to deliver new solutions by combining a range of cutting-edge technologies. Looking to the future, we are eyeing the possibility of coordinating with leading companies in the world of robotics to conduct joint demonstration testing.

Inside Intelligent Logistics center PROTO at DPL Ichikawa 2F 6-4 Koyashinmachi, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba, 272-0011 Japan
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