Intelligent Logistics®

Intelligent Logistics is the world's first logistics platform offered by GROUND Inc. With Intelligent Logistics, all users have access and can utilize various solutions made up of material handling robots and logistics-specific technologies (LogiTech) that are always up to date.

Value Proposition

GROUND is a group of experienced staff dedicated to empowering logistics organizations with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics so that they can promptly adapt to volatile and unpredicted customer demands.

SOFTWARE SOLUTION - Dynamic Allocation System (DyAS)
Software Solution

Dynamic Allocation System (DyAS)

Logistics Cash-Flow optimizing software

DyAS helps create field environments where operation is possible even without an experienced manager present by transforming what are conventionally personal management tasks into explicit knowledge. In addition, by developing a quantitative understanding of field operations that are sensory-based and primarily rely on experience, intuition and guts, even in recent e-commerce supply chains with a host of uncertain elements, everyone will be on the same page, from stakeholders and the managers at each site to their staff. This helps minimize unreasonableness and waste while speeding up the decision-making process and improving business quality.

Hardware Solution


Goods-to-Person Robotic System

Butler is a revolutionary logistics robot system to achieve labor savings in a logistics center. Robots that move across the floor of a logistics center position themselves under portable shelves and deliver products to workers as an entire shelf. The Butler system comprises five components, the main robot units, as well as dedicated portable shelves (MSU), workstations for conducting picking and binning (PPS), auto-chargers where robots can recharge autonomously (ACDS) and software that controls the entire system (WCS). After a logistics center has introduced Butler, it will enjoy considerable labor savings compared to conventional systems in product binning and picking processes.


Operation & Management

All-round logistics consulting

We conduct our activities based on an accumulation of expertise and knowledge combined with the San-Gen-Shugi methodology (actual place, actual thing, actual situation). We help your company achieve highly effective and practical logistics improvements to leverage your accumulated experience as a competitive advantage.